Thursday, May 02, 2002

It seems that there's always drama and a lack of common sense with the people I work with. Not too long ago a girl at my work was kicked out of her house by her father because he found out that she was using heroin. Now the dad kicked her out of the house not so much because she was on heroin, but because she got caught stealing money from his wallet. Now she wasn't just trying to take a couple of bucks, but a couple of hundred bucks. The dad, so pissed off at her, and realizing that she was trying to buy more heroin, kicked her out and said he no longer had a daughter. Now here's a 16 year old girl who is now homeless with no money . All she has left is this job. Now here is where she gets really stupid. Because she no longer has a place to live or has any money, she quits her job right then and there without notice. Her reason for quitting is because she says she has to find a hotel to live in. Now common sense tells me that if your homeless with no money, you shouldn't quit your job. Afterall, without money, how are you gonna rent a room let alone eat? Since then though, she's gotten pregnant and doesn't know who the father is. In her words it could be "any number of possibilities."

Wednesday, May 01, 2002

today at my job I got stuck with three lame ass volunteers. All three are in their early teens and are there at my job because they have to do community service. One of them is there because he and some friends broke into a school and stole some money. He says he and his friends got about $800.00. And whats funny is that he says he would have gotten away had his friend, who helped him break into the school, not ratted out on him to the police. The other kid who was there was there because he beat up the friend who ratted out on the first guy. How ironic! And the third guy was there because he was caught tresspassing on the school that the first guy broke into. How stupid can all these guys be. And I get the task of supervising these clowns. I think they just lack common sense. I tell one of the guys to vacuum the front lobby. He looks at me as if I'm asking him to do something really difficult. Well, he says he's never vacuumed and doesn't know how to use a vacuum, so I show him. After I show him how to vacuum he just stands there with the vacuum in his hands. He tells me again he doesn't know how to vacum,so again, I show him. And yet again he just stands there with the vacuum on in his hands. After a couple of seconds he starts to walk with the vacuum on and asks me if he's doing it right. In my mind I can't believe how mindless this all is. How hard is it to vacuum. How hard is it to move your arm back and forth with a vacuum across a dity floor.After finishing their hours for the day they all three go outside and find a place where they can smoke pot. One of the guys showed me the weed he had. It was a good amount in a small plastic baggy.He said he bought two ounces of weed with the money he stole from the school. He said the weed in the small baggy was all that was left. I keep thinking that if these teens are our future, then we all don't much to look forward to.